How to connect TrueVPN on iOS

Posted by TrueVPN on 2020-03-25

How to connect TrueVPN on iOS

This tutorial is created for work with TrueVPN on your iOS device.

TrueVPN account

First you need to register and get your account details on
You will need to receive a confirmation email to the email address specified during registration:

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    Log in to your TrueVPN account:
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Don’t forget to choose a pricing plan.

Select the appropriate server from the list and download the file.”.ovpn“ on your smartphone.

Configuring a VPN

To work with TrueVPN you will need to log in to the AppStore and download the OpenVPN app:
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After installing the app, copy the previously downloaded one.”.ovpn“ file to the OpenVPN app. To do this, select the share-function icon and select “Copy to OpenVPN“ from the suggested options:
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The app opens the “Import Profile“ tab and automatically downloads the file. To confirm the action, click “Add“:
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Then the app will suggest adding VPN configurations, click “Allow“, don’t forget to check the box next to “Connect after import“:
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Configuring a VPN connection

You will see the following message:”Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection?“, click “Yes“:
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Now in the “Profiles“, you will see a green “Connected“ icon, which will mean that you have successfully connected to TrueVPN. You will see “Connection stats“ - the speed of the connection and duration of connection:
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Use our site (“TOOLS“) to check your IP and connection speed.

Disconnecting the VPN

To turn off VPN, please go to the app and turn off the green toggle switch. You will see an inscription: “Do you wish to disconnect from .ovpn?“, click “Ok“:
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Uninstalling the VPN

Want to delete a TrueVPN configurations?
Go to OpenVPN - Profiles - click the pencil next to TrueVPN configurations - Delete Profile - “Do you want to delete profile?“ - Yes
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Need help? Go to Support Center