How to connect TrueVPN on Windows

Posted by TrueVPN on 2020-03-25

VPN for Windows

This tutorial will show you how to install TrueVPN for Windows on your PC or laptop.
Our VPN is suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

To download the app, please follow the instructions:

Sign Up

To use the app, you must complete the registration procedure:


  • Click “Sign Up“ in the upper-right corner of the site;
  • Enter the data and then check that it is correct*;
  • If everything is correct, click “Sign Up“.

*Use the referral code, if available.

Confirm your email

A confirmation email was sent to the email address you specified during registration. To continue with registration click the link in emails.


Downloading the VPN app

When you log in to your account, you will see the “Servers” page. You need to purchase a TrueVPN subscription to access the servers. Select the subscription plan that suits you.


After confirming the payment, select the country of the server you want to connect to.


Then download the file, its extension will be “.ovpn“.

Download OpenVPN

You can download the program here.

Install OpenVPN for Windows, and then right-click on the program icon in the tray and select “Open app“.

Setting up a TrueVPN

The “Import Profile” tab of the OpenVPN application opens in front of you. Select the “File“ section.


Click “Browse“ and select the TrueVPN downloaded from the site “.ovpnfile.


You will see the label “Profile successfully imported“ - this means that the file upload was successful.
Check the box for VPN connection next to “Connect after import“ and click “Add“ in the upper-right corner.


If you see the message “CONNECTED“, congratulations, you have correctly configured TrueVPN!


You can also see in the “connection stats“ section the speed and duration, as well as your private IP.
You can check your IP address on the website in the “TOOLS“ section (“What is my IP?“).

We wish you a pleasant use of TrueVPN! Thank you for choosing us.