How to hide my IP Address with TrueVPN

Posted by TrueVPN on 2020-03-30

How to hide my IP Address with TrueVPN?

Security is a process.

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In this guide, you will learn about the process of ensuring security by hiding IP Addresses: why it is necessary, how to do it, and how TrueVPN can help you.

Meaning of hiding IP Address

Every Internet user, when accessing the Internet from their device, shares their Internet Protocol — IP Address — with websites, search engines, services that they use, as well as apps. This IP address is called a public IP Address.

Privacy is the key to security, and therefore not everyone likes the publicity of their IP. Using VPN servers solves the security problem. In this way, you will not provide your IP Address, but the IP of the server to which you are connected via VPN, meaning websites, apps and services will see your “hidden IP Address“ or “changed IP Address“.

How to hide my IP Adress?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Use it to hide your real IP Address under the IP server when you use the Internet. A VPN is an encrypted connection between your device and the Internet. A VPN masks your real IP Address with its own IP — this is called the tunneling process. This IP address can also be used by thousands of other users in parallel with you, making it impossible to track activity back to you.

Using a VPN allows you to mask your own IP address, protecting your location, identity, and online activity from anyone who wants to find you through your IP Address.


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Why to mask the IP?

By using your real IP address, you allow third parties to obtain information not only about your location, but also about your online activity, your identity, and all your Internet activity. You can avoid providing data by using TrueVPN, which will mask your location by providing information about the IP of your VPN server that you are connected to.

Hide IP = Hide location

Anyone who receives information about your IP address can make a fairly accurate guess about your current location. Depending on who you are, it doesn’t always play into your hands. Most people prefer to control the information that outsiders get about them. Few people will like that their location is disclosed without their permission.

TrueVPN lets you to stay in the privacy zone, masking your location with any other point in the world, passing off our reliable VPN IP Address as yours. In addition, our list of VPN servers is constantly updated.

Hide IP = Protect Identity

The use of this IP Address makes it possible to identify the user by linking their current location with their identity, as well as tracing actions performed online. In this way, websites, services and applications receive complete information about you that identifies you personally.

Using your real IP is very convenient for people and companies who want to keep track of you, but you won’t like it if you’re a stickler for privacy. If you do not like that third parties receive information about what files you download, what websites you visit, who you call and communicate with, we recommend that you hide your IP Address using a TrueVPN.

Hide IP = Freedom

As we have already mentioned, websites and apps may collect personal information about you if you use your real IP address. This can be avoided by using the TrueVPN service, which masks your IP by passing VPN IP address as yours.

Other parties along your connection, like your internet service provider, your Wi-Fi network operator, or even government agencies, can also use your IP address to redirect, block and censor your online activity. Proxying your traffic through a TrueVPN with a different IP address allows you to defeat censorship and restore your freedom.

TrueVPN or Proxy?

Often, free proxy servers that offer “hide IP Address“ do not provide any security guarantees and do not have the same advantages as when using a VPN.

Free proxies may change your IP Address for free, but they may also monetize your traffic through adds, trackers, and other malware. By protecting your safety in one place, you expose yourself to a higher risk in another by using proxy.

The proxy service is also inferior to the premium VPN service. Let’s compare TrueVPN and proxy:

Function TrueVPN Proxy
Hides your IP address + +
256-bit AES encryption + -
Servers all around the world + -
Network Lock / kill switch + -
No activity logs, no connection logs + -
24/7 live chat support + -
Referral program + -